Strimmers and brushcutters are a useful garden machine, effective for taming long grass, weeds and brambles. Powered by petrol, battery or electric cable, our range of grass trimmers and brushcutters are suited to both homeowners and professionals.

Grass trimmers are supplied with a line trimmer head and are ideal for edging and tidying up.
Brushcutters can be fitted with either a line trimmer heard or a metal blade and are designed for clearing areas of brush or brambles.

Our brands include but aren’t limited to STIHL, Ego Power+, Honda, Husqvarna and Mountfield.

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          STIHL Brushcutter Hanging Wall Bracket 

          Stihl brushcutter hanging wall bracket for easy storage.

          STIHL FS 40 Petrol Grass Trimmer

          STIHL FS 40 is a petrol curved shaft grass trimmer with 27cc 2 stroke engine, ideal for smaller areas of grass.

          STIHL Metal Blade Fixing Kit for FS Strimmers and Brushcutters

          Metal blade fixing kit for STIHL FS strimmers and brushcutters. Includes a rider plate, thrust washer and locking nut.

          STIHL GrassCut 230-4 Grass Cutting Blade

          STIHL 4-bladed grass cutting blade for dealing with thick, dry grasses. Suitable for use with STIHL brushcutters and clearing saws.

          STIHL GrassCut 230-2 / 260-2 Grass Cutting Blade

          Steel grass cutting blade suitable for STIHL strimmers and brushcutters

          STIHL FS 55 R Petrol Brushcutter Loop handle

          STIHL FS 55 R Petrol Brushcutter with loop handle for comfortable operation when mowing round obsticles. Lightweight at just 4.4kg.

          STIHL FS 361 C-EM Petrol Clearing Saw

          STIHL FS 361 C-EM petrol clearing saw for professional applications, powerful 37cc 2-MIX engine, bike style handles for ease of use.

          STIHL FS 55 Petrol Brushcutter

          STIHL FS 55 petrol brushcutter with bike handles for comfortable operation when used in large areas of grass.

          STIHL FS 50 C-E Petrol Grass Trimmer

          STIHL FS 50 C-E bent shaft petrol grass trimmer, 27cc 2-stroke engine with ErgoStart and a loop handle for easy manoeuvrability in tight areas.

          STIHL PolyCut 6-2 Mowing Head

          PolyCut mowing head, optimised for use with STIHL cordless brushcutters. Can also be combined with FS 38, FS 40, FSA 60 R, FSA 86 R and FSB-KM

          STIHL PolyCut 3-2 Mowing Head

          Replacement PolyCut mowing head for the FSA 57 and FSE 52 Strimmers.

          STIHL PolyCut 2-2 Mowing Head

          Replacement PolyCut mowing head for the FSA 45 Cordless Strimmer.