Work safely and effectively with our range of personal protective equipment, fuels and oils, as well as other essentials like strimmer line and engine oil. We also stock hand tools such as axes, loppers and pruning saws.

For easy transportation, we also stock a range of carry bags designed for chainsaws and multi-tool kits.

Here you will find spare batteries and chargers for your cordless equipment, along with other helpful accessories such as harnesses, gloves and goggles.

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          STIHL ForestPlus Chain Oil

          Stihl ForestPlus Chain Oil is a high-quality mineral based oil suitable for use in all chainsaws.

          STIHL AP200 Battery

          Designed for the STIHL AP battery System

          STIHL AS 2 Battery

          The AS 2 battery is the recommended battery for the HSA 26 and GTA 26

          STIHL Metal Blade Fixing Kit for FS Strimmers and Brushcutters

          Metal blade fixing kit for STIHL FS strimmers and brushcutters. Includes a rider plate, thrust washer and locking nut.

          STIHL GrassCut 230-4 Grass Cutting Blade

          STIHL 4-bladed grass cutting blade for dealing with thick, dry grasses. Suitable for use with STIHL brushcutters and clearing saws.

          STIHL GrassCut 230-2 / 260-2 Grass Cutting Blade

          Steel grass cutting blade suitable for STIHL strimmers and brushcutters

          STIHL Chainsaw Chain 4″/10cm for GTA 26

          Replacement chainsaw chain for the STIHL GTA 26 cordless pruner (28 links, 1.1 gauge ,  1/4"P pitch)

          STIHL MotoMix Premium Premixed fuel

          STIHL MotoMix premium premixed fuel suitable for all STIHL 2-stroke machines.

          STIHL PR 16 Handycut Pruning Saw

          For quick and precise sawing, The STIHL PR 16 has three-sided Japanese teeth.

          STIHL One Shot 2 Stroke Oil – Red 100ml 50:1 Mix

          Stihl Two-Stroke One Shot Oil, Premium Synthetic Formulation

          STIHL AL 500 Quick Charger

          The quickest charger for STIHL Lithium-Ion batteries, suitable for both the AK and AP range.

          STIHL AL 301 Quick Charger

          STIHL quick charger suitable for AK and AP range.