Weather its a wood chipper, garden shredder or mulcher, Broadfield Mowers stock both electric and petrol chippers and shredders.

Chippers and shredders are used to reduce the amount of garden waste to a more manageable proportion. They are equipped with strong cutting blades that make light work of garden waste. The chippings or shredding’s can be reused as mulch, paths or to enrich compost.

Garden shredders are designed to deal with the material cut from a tree or bush, such as leaves and small twigs. A chipper is designed mainly to process the waste wood. This doesn’t mean a chipper will not process some green material, but if you find you the bulk of the material you are processing is green waste, then a shedder will process this type of material more efficiently than a wood chipper.

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    Power Source
          POWER SOURCE

              Cobra CHIP700L Towable Petrol Wood Chipper

              Cobra CHIP700L is a 7hp towable petrol woodchipper that can easily chip branches up to 10cm/4" in diameter.  

              Cobra CHIP650L Petrol Wood Chipper

              Cobra CHIP650L Petrol Wood Chipper 6.5hp Lincoln engine 80mm wood diameter.

              Cobra CHIP650LE Petrol Wood Chipper Electric Start

              Cobra CHIP650LE Petrol Wood Chipper with Electric Start

              Cobra QS2500 Quiet Shredder

              Cobra QS2500 Quiet Shredder 2500 watt motor. Upto 40mm branch diameter. 50L collector box.