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                  Cobra GTRM43 Electric Lawnmower 43cm

                  Cobra GTRM43 Electric Lawnmower 43cm 1800w motor

                  Cobra GTRM38 Electric Lawnmower

                  Cobra GTRM38 electric lawn mower has a 38cm cutting width and is powered by a 1600w electric motor.

                  Cobra MX46SPE Self Propelled Electric Lawn Mower

                  The Cobra MX46SPE is a self propelled electric lawnmower with an 18" cut and a 4-in-1 cutting system.

                  Cobra GTRM40 Electric Lawnmower

                  Cobra GTRM40 electric lawnmower with a 40cm cutting width, powered by a 1600 watt electric motor.

                  Cobra GTRM34 Electric Lawn Mower

                  Cobra GTRM34 compact and lightweight electric lawn mower, 34cm cutting width, 1300w motor