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          Husqvarna Automower Maintenence & Cleaning Kit

          Maintenence and Cleaning Kit for Husqvarna Automowers - Includes specific slim brushes with sharp scrapers to get in tight areas.

          Husqvarna Automower Rough Terrain Kit

          Provides excellent traction on rough and sloping lawns.

          STIHL iMOW® Upgrade Kit 10

          Traction wheels designed to give the iMOW® EVO robotic mowers enhance grip

          Husqvarna Automower Boundary Repair Kit

          Designed to replace a damaged section of boundary wire. Kit includes 5 metres of boundary wire, 10 pegs and 6 connectors.

          Husqvarna Automower Housing

          Automower Housing - Protects the charging station and your Husqvarna Automower from exposure to sun and rain.

          Husqvarna Automower Blades

          Husqvarna Automower? Classic Replacement Blades