If you want a healthier, lush looking lawn then mulching is the way to go. Ride on mulching mowers shred the grass into fine clippings and drops them back on the lawn, these clippings contain valuable nutrients that decompose back into the grass, leaving it looking green and healthy.

Because the grass is cut so fine the clippings are barely visible, this process is the most natural fertilization for your lawn, it wont cost you anything extra and you’ll also save time not having to empty a grass box.

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          Husqvarna R 214TC Rider C/W Bio Clip 94cm deck

          Original price was: £4,499.00.Current price is: £4,100.00.
          Husqvarna R 214TC Petrol Rider - Designed for use on small to medium areas. Powerful and compact. Hydrostatic Transmission. Fitted with 94cm BioClip front deck.

          Husqvarna R 112C Lawn Rider

          Original price was: £3,299.00.Current price is: £2,800.00.
          Husqvarna R 112C Rider - Compact designed for use on smaller areas. Excellent manoeverability for confined spaces. 65cm uncut circle. Supplied with 85cm BioClip front deck.