Strimmers and brushcutters are a useful garden machine, effective for taming long grass, weeds and brambles. Powered by petrol, battery or electric cable, our range of grass trimmers and brushcutters are suited to both homeowners and professionals.

Grass trimmers are supplied with a line trimmer head and are ideal for edging and tidying up.
Brushcutters can be fitted with either a line trimmer heard or a metal blade and are designed for clearing areas of brush or brambles.

Our brands include but aren’t limited to STIHL, Ego Power+, Honda, Husqvarna and Mountfield.

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                  EGO Power+ AEB0800 Multi-tool Edger Blade

                  This multi-tool edger blade fits the EGO Power+ EA0800 edger attachment

                  EGO Power+ ST1610E-T Battery Line Trimmer Bare Tool

                  EGO Power+ ST1610E-T cordless battery line trimmer with Powerload™ and LINE-IQ™ technology. Supplied with a 5 year domestic warranty.

                  EGO Power+ ST1613E-T Battery Line Trimmer Kit

                  EGO Power+ ST1613E-T cordless battery line trimmer, supplied with 4Ah battery and standard charger. With Powerload™ and LINE-IQ™ technology. Supplied with a 5 year domestic warranty.

                  Ego Power + BCX3800 Commercial Brushcutter

                  This professional brushcutter has a 38cm cutting width and takes line from 2.4 - 3.0mm. It features bike handles, variable speed and a carbon fibre shaft.

                  Ego Power+ ST1400E-ST Battery Line Trimmer Unit Only

                  The ST1400E-ST battery operated line trimmer has a cutting width of 35cm and features EGO's Powerload™ technology. This machine is supplied as the unit only and comes with a 5 year manufacturers warranty.

                  EGO Power+ BC3800E Brushcutter bare tool

                  Ego Power+ BC3800E battery-operated brushcutter with bike handles, supplied with a 3 tooth brushcutting blade and head with nylon line.

                  EGO Power+ BCX4500 Pro X Brushcutter

                  EGO Power+ BXC4500 cordless brush cutter, part of the PRO X line. It features a Rapid Reload head and is equipped with 2.7mm twist line. A tri-blade can be fitted for tougher vegetation.

                  EGO Power+ ABB0903P Flexible Nylon Blade

                  Elastoblade Flexible trimming blade for - STX3800, BCX3800, ST1530E, BC3800E, BCA1200, STA1500

                  EGO Power+ ABB1203 Brush Cutter Blade

                  Brush cutter blade for the EGO Power+ ST1530E, BC3800E, STX3800, BCX3800, BCA1200

                  EGO Power+ Line Trimmer Heads

                  Line trimmer heads for the EGO Power+ line trimmer range

                  Ego Power + STX3800 Commercial Brushcutter

                  For Professionals - with a cutting diameter of 38cm, this strimmer can take line from 2.4 - 3.0mm. It has variable speed, an anti kick-back loop handle and a carbon fibre shaft.

                  Ego Power + ST1401E-ST Battery Line Trimmer Kit

                  EGO Power+ ST1401E-ST battery operated line trimmer, supplied with a 2.5Ah battery and standard charger. Complete with Powerload™ technology.