Strimmers and brushcutters are a useful garden machine, effective for taming long grass, weeds and brambles. Powered by petrol, battery or electric cable, our range of grass trimmers and brushcutters are suited to both homeowners and professionals.

Grass trimmers are supplied with a line trimmer head and are ideal for edging and tidying up.
Brushcutters can be fitted with either a line trimmer heard or a metal blade and are designed for clearing areas of brush or brambles.

Our brands include but aren’t limited to STIHL, Ego Power+, Honda, Husqvarna and Mountfield.

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              Husqvarna 525RXT Petrol Brushcutter

              Husqvarna 525RXT Petrol Brushcutter - Ultra low vibrations. Designed for intensive use in lighter applications. 25cc 2-stroke engine with X-torq. T35 TapandGo head and Grass blade supplied.

              Husqvarna Aspire T28-P4A Cordless Strimmer

              The Husqvarna Aspire T28-P4A is a lightweight and easy to use grass trimmer, powered by the latest Power 4 All (P4A) 18V battery range, ideal for domestic users.

              Husqvarna 215iL Battery Strimmer

              Husqvarna 215iL is an easy to use, battery powered grass trimmer, ideal for use with medium sized gardens.

              Husqvarna 110iL Battery Grass Trimmer

              Husqvarna 110iL is an easy to use, battery powered grass trimmer, designed for use on small gardens.

              Husqvarna 555RXT Petrol Brushcutter

              Husqvarna 555RXT Petrol Brushcutter - Husqvarnas most powerful brushcutter. 53cc 2-stroke engine with X-torq. Low Vibration. Supplied with T55X Tap'n'Go head and grass blade.

              Husqvarna 545RXT Petrol Brushcutter

              Husqvarna 545RXT Petrol Brushcutter - High performance 45cc 2-stroke engine. Can be used as a clearing saw. Autotune and Chokeless start. Supplied with T45X Tap and Go head and grass blade.

              Husqvarna 545RX Petrol Brushcutter

              Husqvarna 545RX Petrol Brushcutter - High performance 45cc engine with smart start. Low vibration. Supplied with T45x TapandGo head and Grass blade.

              Husqvarna 543RS Petrol Brushcutter

              Husqvarna 543RS Petrol Brushcutter - designed for intensive landscaping. 40cc 2-stroke engine with X-Torq. Supplied with T35 TapandGo head and grass blade.

              Husqvarna 535RXT Petrol Brushcutter 34cc

              Husqvarna 535RXT Petrol Brushcutter - mid range brushcutter for professional use. 34cc 2-stroke engine with X-torq. Supplied with T35 TapandGo head and grass blade.

              Husqvarna 535iFR Battery Clearing saw

              Husqvarna 535iFR Battery Clearing saw -36V Li-ion brushless motor with 35cc petrol equivalent performance. Supplied with saw and grass blade. Upto 1 hour runtime with the BLi300 battery.

              Husqvarna 535iRXT Battery Brushcutter

              Husqvarna 535iRXT Battery Brushcutter with integrated bluetooth - High performance 36v Brushless motor. Intuitive keypad. 3 speed mode. ErgoFeed function.

              Husqvarna 535iRX Battery Brushcutter

              Husqvarna 535iRX Battery Trimmer - High performance. 36v Brushless motor. Low Vibration. Intuitive keypad. 45cm cutting swath.