Multi-tools are the most versatile garden tool anyone can own. Multi tools are supplied as an engine unit with separate attachments. You can either purchase a multi-tool kit which includes specific attachments, or create your own kit by purchasing what you need, when you need it.

Multi-tools are supplied as petrol powered or battery powered.

Their split shaft ensures safe and easy transportation or storage and flexibility when it comes to a range of gardening tasks.

Whether its strimming, hedge trimming, tree pruning, rotavating or even blowing, a multi-tool can do it all.

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                  Husqvarna 120iTK4-PH Telescopic Battery Hedgetrimmer and Pruner

                  The 120iTK4-PH is a telescopic kit complete with hedge trimmer attachment and pole pruner attachment with a maximum reach of 4 metres.

                  Husqvarna ECA850 Edger attachment – curved shaft

                  Husqvarna ECA850 curved shaft edger attachment for Husqvarna combi engines.

                  Husqvarna 525iLK Cordless Combi Strimmer

                  A Lightweight, well balanced, professional battery operated combi machine with grass trimmer included.

                  Husqvarna 535LK Combi Engine

                  Husqvarna 535LK Combi Engine unit - for use with a number of attachments. High performance professional machine. 35cc 2-stroke engine. Supplied with strimmer attachment.

                  Husqvarna 525LK Combi Engine

                  Husqvarna 525LK Combi Engine - 25cc 2-stroke X-torq engine. Smart start for easy starting. Takes a variety of attachments.

                  Husqvarna 129LK Combi Engine – Inc Trimmer Attachment

                  Husqvarna 129LK Combi Engine - Inc Trimmer Attachment - 27cc 2-stroke engine. Designed for homeowners. Takes a number of attachments for a wide range of applications.

                  Husqvarna 325iLK Battery Multi Tool, Includes trimmer attachment

                  Husqvarna 325iLK Battery Combi Engine - Supplied with grass trimmer attachment. Designed for part time use. 13 attachments available. Brushless motor.

                  Husqvarna HA860 Long Hedge Trimmer Combi attachment

                  Husqvarna HA860 Long Hedge Trimmer Combi attachment - Long reach adjustable hedge trimmer attachment with 22" / 55cm blade. Head adjustment 115 degrees. Tube length 85cm. Fits 129LK, 325iLK, 525LK and 535LK

                  Husqvarna HA200 Short Hedge Trimmer Combi attachment

                  Husqvarna HA110 Short Hedge Trimmer Combi attachment - Fits 129LK, 325iLK, 525LK and 535LK

                  Husqvarna TA850 Trimmer attachment

                  Husqvarna TA850 Trimmer attachment with T35 Tap and Go head.

                  Husqvarna Extension EX780 Combi attachment

                  Husqvarna Extension EX780 one metre extension pole for Husqvarna Combi attachments

                  Husqvarna RA850 Weed scissors attachment

                  Husqvarna RA850 Weed scissor attachment allows you to edge along footpaths and gravel paths.