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              STIHL AP200 Battery

              Designed for the STIHL AP battery System

              STIHL AS 2 Battery

              The AS 2 battery is the recommended battery for the HSA 26 and GTA 26

              STIHL AL 500 Quick Charger

              The quickest charger for STIHL Lithium-Ion batteries, suitable for both the AK and AP range.

              STIHL AL 301 Quick Charger

              STIHL quick charger suitable for AK and AP range.

              Husqvarna BLi200X Battery

              Husqvarna BLi200X Battery - Battery suitable for Battery Husqvarna equipment

              Cobra 24v 2Ah Li-Ion Charger

              Cobra 24v 2Ah Li-Ion Charger suitable for the Cobra 24v range

              EGO Power+ BA4200T 7.5Ah Battery

              EGO BA4200T lithium-ion battery, boasts a voltage of 56 volts and a capacity of 7.5 amp hours, and is universally compatible with all EGO Power+ garden equipment.

              Stiga SCG 515 AE Battery Charger

              Standard charger for charging Stiga 48v batteries

              STIHL AP500 S Battery

              STIHL AP 500 S is the most powerful battery in the STIHL AP System.  

              Stiga E 420 48v 2Ah battery

              The E 420 is a 2Ah 48V STIGA E-Power Lithium-Ion battery and is fully interchangeable across the Freedom 500 range. With a sleek ergonomic flat top , this battery is easy to switch between products.

              STIHL AK 30 Battery

              Compact Lithium-Ion battery for the STIHL AK System