Long reach chainsaws or pole pruners are highly effective in getting to those hard to reach branches safely. With a reach of up to 4 metres, there is no need to struggle with ladders or a hand-saw again. Some models have a fixed tube and others have an extendable tube, depending on the application required there is a pole saw for every user.


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                  Cobra P20X Pole Attachment for LRH5024V

                  Cobra P20X Pole Attachment for LRH5024V Long reach hedge trimmer

                  Husqvarna 120iTK4-PH Telescopic Battery Hedgetrimmer and Pruner

                  The 120iTK4-PH is a telescopic kit complete with hedge trimmer attachment and pole pruner attachment with a maximum reach of 4 metres.

                  Husqvarna Aspire PE5-P4A Cordless Pole Pruner

                  The Husqvarna Aspire PE5-P4A is a versatile pruning saw with a 5 inch bar and chain, that can be used either hand-held or with a telescopic pole.

                  STIHL HTA 86 Cordless Telescopic Pole Pruner

                  STIHL HTA 86 Battery Telescopic Pole Pruner is fully adjustable to suit the job in hand. Total length is 270cm-390cm. Part of the STIHL AP Range.

                  STIHL HTA 150 Cordless Pole Pruner

                  STIHL HTA 150 cordless pole pruner is ideal for general maintenance of branches up to 20cm in diameter. The total length of the tool is 196cm.

                  STIHL HTA 135 Cordless Pole Pruner

                  STIHL HTA 135 cordless telescopic pole pruner with 12" bar and chain, total length up to 405cm.

                  STIHL HTA 50 Cordless Pole Pruner

                  STIHL HTA 50 battery powered pole pruner, with a total length of 280cm. Part of the STIHL AK System.

                  Husqvarna 120iTK4-P Battery Long Reach Pole Pruner

                  A lightweight battery powered telescopic pole pruner. The 120iTK4-P has a telescopic reach of up-to 4 metres.

                  Mountfield MPP 50 Li Pole Pruner (unit)

                  The MPP 50 Li long reach pruner is part of the new Freedom 500 battery range. Equipped with a 10? cutting bar with high performance chain and 65cm telescopic extension shaft this pruner tool can reach up to 4 meters.

                  STIHL HTA 66 Cordless Pole Pruner

                  STIHL HTA 66 Battery Pole Pruner is lightweight and powerful with a maximum working length of 240cm. Working time with recommended battery is up to 42 minutes.

                  Husqvarna 530iPT5 Battery Pole saw

                  Husqvarna 530iPT5 Telescopic Battery Pole saw with a reach of up to 5 metres. 20m/s chain speed. Low noise and lightweight.

                  Husqvarna 530iP4 Battery Pole saw

                  Husqvarna 530iP4 Battery Pole saw - 250cm pole length. 36v Li-ion Brushless Motor. Keypad with savE and 20m/s chain speed.