Work safely and effectively with our range of personal protective equipment, fuels and oils, as well as other essentials like strimmer line and engine oil. We also stock hand tools such as axes, loppers and pruning saws.

For easy transportation, we also stock a range of carry bags designed for chainsaws and multi-tool kits.

Here you will find spare batteries and chargers for your cordless equipment, along with other helpful accessories such as harnesses, gloves and goggles.

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    Power Source
          POWER SOURCE

              Mountfield Mulching Plug Kit Rider 66

              Mulching plug compatible with 66cm Mountfield riders.

              Mountfield Trailer Hitch Kit SD 98-108

              Trailer tow hitch kit suitable for Mountfield side-discharge lawn tractors.

              Mountfield B 450 48v Battery 5Ah with handle

              The B 450 5Ah 48V STIGA E-Power Lithium-ion 'Smart' battery is interchangeable across the Freedom 500 range.

              Mountfield Mulching Kit with Blades 92cm

              Mulching kit including blades suitable for both Stiga and Mountfield 92cm garden tractors.

              Mountfield Trailer Hitch Kit MP 84-98

              Tow hitch kit compatible with Mountfield garden tractors 84cm to 98cm

              Mountfield Mulching Plug SD 98

              Mulching plug designed for use with specific Mountfield Side-Discharge tractors

              Mountfield Mulching Plug and Blades MP98

              This mulching plug gives your Mountfield garden tractor the facility to mulch. When using the mulching plug, the grass is

              Mountfield Mulching Plug and Blades MP84

              Designed for use with the Mountfield 84cm garden tractor range.

              Mountfield B 420 48v Battery 2Ah with handle

              The B 420 2Ah 48V STIGA E-Power Lithium-ion 'Smart' battery is new for 2021 and is interchangeable across the Freedom 500 range.

              Mountfield C 215 SU 20v Standard Charger

              C 215 S single standard battery charger, compatible with all 20V batteries. Charging current 2A, standard charging speed and one charging slot available.

              Mountfield B 24 Battery 20V 4Ah

              Part of the Mountfield Freedom 100 Range - The B 24 4Ah 20V STIGA E-Power Lithium-ion battery comes with 72wh nominal energy and a charge time of 140 minutes on a standard charger.

              Mountfield B 22 Battery 20v 2Ah

              Part of the Freedom 100 Range -? A 20V Lithium-ion battery from Stiga.