Maintain your lawn effortlessly with our premium mowers tailored to diverse garden needs. Our selection spans walk behind, ride on, robotic, and cylinder mowers, offering options in petrol, battery, or electric power.

For flat lawns, opt for hand-propelled mowers; for slopes or larger areas, self-propelled mowers offer ease of use. Rear roller mowers create neat stripes, while ride on mowers suit larger gardens.

At Broadfield Mowers, we guide you to the perfect mower. Explore our range below and reach out to our sales team for expert advice.

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    • Lawn Mowers
    • Allett

      Allett Aerator Quick Change Cartridges

      The Allett Aerator slits the soil with small holes which allows air, water and nutrients to pass through more easily to the grass roots.

      Allett De-thatcher Quick Change Cartridges

      Turn your Allett Kensington into a De-thatcher with this handy cartridge.