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          Husqvarna Wooden Forest Axe

          Suitable for small scale tree felling, limbing logs, branch trimming and clearing bushes.

          Husqvarna Wooden Hatchet Axe

          High quality forged hatchet with ash wood handle for small firewood and forest tasks.

          STIHL PR 16 Handycut Pruning Saw

          For quick and precise sawing, The STIHL PR 16 has three-sided Japanese teeth.

          Husqvarna Wooden Large Splitting Axe 75cm

          Best suited for splitting thicker wood and fire wood.

          Husqvarna Wooden Carpenters Axe

          Best suited for carpentry and other wood work.

          STIHL Felco F 8 / F 9 Secateurs

          For thick branches in bypass design. Ergonomic, angled cutting head, non-slip grip coating, forged handles.

          STIHL PB 10 Bypass Pruning Shears

          Classic pruning shears with robust forged blades with sap groove. Cutting head with internal oil lubrication

          STIHL AX 30 C Cleaving Hammer

          STIHL AX 30 C Cleaving Hammer: Length 85 cm, weight of axe head 3kg, suitable for cleaving.

          STIHL AX 28 CS Cleaving Axe

          STIHL AX 28 CS Cleaving Hatchet: Length 80 cm, weight of axe head 2.8kg, suitable for splitting work.

          STIHL AX 13 C Cleaving Hatchet

          STIHL AX 13 C Cleaving Hatchet: Length 50 cm, weight of axe head 1.25 kg, suitable for splitting logs.

          STIHL AX 10 Forestry Hatchet

          STIHL AX 10 Forestry Hatchet: Length 60 cm, weight of axe head 1.0 kg, suitable for splitting logs and felling small trees.

          STIHL AX 6 Forestry Hatchet

          STIHL AX 6 Forestry Hatchet: For occasional pruning tasks and splitting small pieces of firewood. Length of 40 cm and a lightweight axe head weighing 0.6 kg