Bike handle or cow horn brush cutters are designed to make clearance tasks easy and enjoyable, when paired with a harness you can work for long periods of time without getting tired. Petrol or battery powered, we have the ideal brushcutter for every application.


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              Ego Power + BCX3800 Commercial Brushcutter

              This professional brushcutter has a 38cm cutting width and takes line from 2.4 - 3.0mm. It features bike handles, variable speed and a carbon fibre shaft.

              EGO Power+ BC3800E Brushcutter bare tool

              Ego Power+ BC3800E battery-operated brushcutter with bike handles, supplied with a 3 tooth brushcutting blade and head with nylon line.

              STIHL FSA 200 Cordless Grass Trimmer

              Powerful cordless brushcutter with bike handles, designed for garden and landscape maintenance professionals.

              STIHL FSA 120 Cordless Brushcutter

              STIHL FSA 120 powerful cordless brushcutter designed for professional users. With variable speed control in two levels and bike handles.

              STIHL FSA 80 Cordless Brushcutter

              STIHL FSA 80 cordless brushcutter with bike handles, features variable speed control in two levels for tackling tougher vegetation.

              STIHL FSA 135 Cordless Brushcutter

              STIHL FSA 135 Battery Bike-handled Brushcutter is part of STIHLS AP Battery range. Working time upto 50 minutes with the AP300s battery.

              STIHL FSA 90 Cordless Brushcutter

              STIHL FSA 90 Battery Brushcutter with Bike-handles is a professional battery powered brushucutter designed for working on large areas of tough grass.

              Husqvarna 535iFR Battery Clearing saw

              Husqvarna 535iFR Battery Clearing saw -36V Li-ion brushless motor with 35cc petrol equivalent performance. Supplied with saw and grass blade. Upto 1 hour runtime with the BLi300 battery.

              Husqvarna 535iRXT Battery Brushcutter

              Husqvarna 535iRXT Battery Brushcutter with integrated bluetooth - High performance 36v Brushless motor. Intuitive keypad. 3 speed mode. ErgoFeed function.

              Husqvarna 535iRX Battery Brushcutter

              Husqvarna 535iRX Battery Trimmer - High performance. 36v Brushless motor. Low Vibration. Intuitive keypad. 45cm cutting swath.

              Husqvarna 520iRX Battery Brushcutter

              Husqvarna 520iRX Battery Brushcutter - Bike horn handles. Brushless motor. Two way head rotation. T25B trimming head and blade included.