Leaf blowers and vacuums are a highly efficient garden tool for keeping a garden, driveway or paths free of leaves and debris.

With a leaf blower, air is blown out of a nozzle which effectively blows away all the leaves with ease. You can guide the leaves into a neat pile for composting or removal. Garden vacs also blow air but have the additional vacuum feature, instead of blowing all the waste away, you can suck the waste up into a collecting bag, some models even shred the waste for you.

Leaf blowers and vacs aren’t limited to hand-held models. You can get back-pack blowers that sit comfortably on your back which are great for clearing larger areas. We also supply walk behind vacuums that you simply push around, just like a lawn mower.

Broadfield Mowers stock a large range of leaf blowers including petrol models, battery models and electric models. We stock the top brands on the market such as STIHL, Honda, EGO Power + and Husqvarna.

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              Husqvarna 120iB Battery Leaf blower

              Husqvarna 120iB Battery Leaf blower - Lightweight and easy to use, fast acceleration and three modes for flexible operation.

              Husqvarna Aspire B8X-P4A Cordless Leaf Blower

              The Husqvarna Aspire B8X-P4 is a lightweight and easy to use leaf blower, powered by the latest Power 4 All (P4A) 18V battery range, ideal for domestic users.

              Husqvarna 360BT Petrol Backpack Blower

              The Husqvarna 360BT is a powerful commercial backpack blower boasting a 65cc 2-stroke engine, this blower combines high air speed with a substantial air flow, providing ample capacity for a wide range of jobs.

              Husqvarna 345BT Petrol Backpack Blower

              The Husqvarna 345BT is a high capacity commercial backpack blower boasting 50cc of power. Its remarkable power to weight ratio sets it apart, making it the ideal choice for those who demand both performance and convenience.

              Husqvarna 120iBV Battery Leaf Blower Vacuum

              Husqvarna 120iBV is 2-in-1 battery leaf blower and vacuum. Simply vacuum the leaves into the handy collection bag for easy tidy up tasks.

              Husqvarna 340iBT Battery Backpack Blower

              Battery backpack blower with 17 Newtons of blowing force. With two battery slots for longer working times.

              Husqvarna 325iB Battery Leaf Blower

              Husqvarna 325iB is a lightweight battery powered leaf blower with cruise control function for comfortable working.

              Husqvarna 550iBTX Battery Backpack Leaf blower

              Husqvarna 550iBTX Battery Professional Backpack Leaf blower with cruise control and Boost mode. For use with backpack batteries only.

              Husqvarna 530iBX Battery Leaf blower unit only

              Husqvarna 530iBX Battery Leaf blower. High performance professional blower for use with backpack batteries.

              Husqvarna 525iB Mark II Battery Leaf blower unit only

              Husqvarna 525iB Battery Leaf blower unit only - Low weight designed for professional users.

              Husqvarna 570BTS Petrol Backpack blower

              Husqvarna 570BTS Petrol Backpack blower - 76cc 2-stroke high performance engine. Designed for the movement of large volumes of debris.

              Husqvarna 350BT Petrol backpack blower

              Husqvarna 350BT Petrol backpack blower - Mid range backpack blower designed for professional use in medium density applications. It has a powerful 50cc 2-stroke engine and is packed full of features such as cruise control and Low Vib.