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Whether it’s a small or large area that requires maintenance, we stock all the tools and equipment needed to get the job done. Our wide range of strimmers and brush cutters are up to any task such as edging to bramble clearance.

We stock a lawnmower for every garden, whether it is small and flat or large and has slopes, you can choose a rear roller if you want a striped lawn or a mulching mower if you don’t want to collect the clippings. Hedges require their fair share of maintenance to keep them looking lush and full, you should maintain and prune your hedge at least twice a year.

Husqvarna 522HDR75X Petrol hedge trimmer


Keep your hedges looking trim with our high-quality range of hedge trimmers. You can find electric, petrol or battery-powered from brands such as STIHL, Husqvarna, Ego and Honda. Different hedges require different tools – our range can handle the most heavy-duty or delicate jobs. Our long-reach hedge trimmers are ideal for maintaining tall hedge and conifers. Cordless hedge trimmers are ideal for those with a large area to cut, thanks to their low noise and light weight.

Lawn Mowers

Lawnmowers are a must-have item for maintaining grassy areas; they generally feature rotating blades that cut the grass at an even height. We stock a vast range of lawnmowers which are petrol, electric and battery-powered. Choose from rotary, cylinder, robot mowers and ride-on mowers, from top brands such as Honda, Mountfield, STIHL, Husqvarna and Hayter. Packed full of features, there is a grass cutter to suit every area.

Mulching lawnmowers help to maintain a healthy and green lawn by re-circulating and re-cutting the grass clippings under the mowing deck which feeds the lawn and leaves it looking lush. Hover mowers float on an air cushion which makes these ideal for bumpy ground or slopes. Rear roller mowers produce a striped finish and will cut right along the edge of the lawn. Electric lawn mowers are a good choice for a family lawn; they’re easy to start and easy to manoeuvre, just plug in and go.

Cobra MX3440V Battery Lawnmower Push
Cobra MT270K 5-in1 Multi Tool

Multi Tools

The most versatile of all garden tools – One engine, multiple uses. Our multi-tools can be purchased in either a kit or separately to suit the use of the owner. They consist of an engine unit that drives a shaft through a central tube and powers different working attachments, such as (but not limited to), a brush cutter, hedge trimmer and pole pruner. Our range includes 2-stroke, 4-stroke and battery-powered engines made by Honda, STIHL, Cobra and Husqvarna.

Other Outdoor Equipment

Broadfield Mowers aren’t limited to lawnmowers, we stock other equipment such as lawn scarifiers, garden rollers, rotavators and tillers.
Scarifiers are designed to cut through the soil, helping to aerate and remove dead moss and other debris like grass cuttings to encourage healthy lawn growth. Rotavators are handy gardening tools that are designed to break up and aerate your soil. The machines feature a set of rotating blades that break through the soil during their rotation. This improves drainage and also helps level the area making the ground perfect for growing vegetables and crops.

roller image
Honda HF2625 HTE Ride on mower

Ride On Mowers

If you have at least half an acre of land to maintain, you may be looking at buying a ride-on mower. Ride-on mowers can make cutting the grass quicker, more efficient and more fun. Our range of ride-on mowers features lawn riders which are small enough to get through a garden gate, garden tractors which are perfect if you have around an acre or more, front deck ride ons offer mulching on a larger scale.

If you need help deciding which ride on mower will best suit your requirements, simply get in touch and we will be happy to guide you through it.

Our ride-on mowers are Collection or Local delivery only. Please contact us for a more accurate delivery cost.


Strimmers, also known as grass trimmers are essential for maintaining garden borders or tricky areas like tree trunks. Our electric and cordless range is ideal for maintaining small to medium gardens while our 2 stroke and petrol range are more suited to the larger lawns.

If you have a large area of ground to maintain a brushcutter could be a perfect choice, these feature a rotating blade which makes short work of brambles and thick brush. Brushcutters can be found mainly in petrol however STIHL and Husqvarna both feature a range of battery-powered brushcutters designed for professionals.

strimmer image